QLD Youngbloods is an initiative from The Communications Council Australia that aims to link students and the marketing, advertising & comms industry.

Blood Transfusion is an offline event organized by QLD Youngbloods with the aim of enabling the advertising industry's elite to provides info on industry jobs, industry news, and tricks of the trade and more effective social networking network for both school and recent graduates.

The challenge in overall creativity and design is to articulate the concept of “transfusion” and to avoid the visual “bloody” and “pain” feelings.

QLD Youngbloods是澳大利亚通信委员会的一项倡议,旨在将学生与营销、广告和通信行业联系起来。

作为QLD Youngbloods举办的线下活动,“Blood Transfusion”将会邀请广告界的精英现场为在校生及应届毕业生传输最新的求职信息、前沿技术资讯,并提供更有效的社交关系网络。


Blood Transfusion

Selected Works

Unlock EuropaKey Visual, Illustration